R & D

The Pharmacokinetics Evaluation Center has a drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics research laboratory, two QTrap4500 LC-M S/MS, one API-4000LC-M S/MS and other advanced equipment, and has a complete in vivo and vitro pharmacokinetics system to support early new drug screening, lead compound identification and optimization, and IND application. Rapid in vitro evaluation of small molecule innovative drugs, and rapid evaluation of ADME in animals, toxicokinetic study and pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics study of multiple species, and predicted clinical effective dose of human body. The ADMET pharmacokinetic approach is an integral part of research and development. The platform technology covers a variety of methods for the early screening of small molecule drugs, which can fully meet the early rapid and high-throughput screening of compounds. The relevant techniques are described as follows:

1.In vitro:a full set of in vitro evaluation experiments can be supported. (Metabolic stability and metabolite profiling in liver microsomes / S9 / hepatocytes, plasma / whole blood stability, distribution ratio, etc.)

2.In vivo:the center can carry out in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation on various animals (rats, mice, nude mice, rabbits, dogs), various routes of administration (oral administration, intravenous infusion, intravenous injection, subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, intraperitoneal injection), and metabolite profiling in animals, and the distribution of drug tissue in animals; special evaluation experiments of a variety of surgical animal models can also be carried out (using bile duct intubation, jugular vein / carotid artery intubation for rat material balance test, etc.).