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Our Culture
  • Mission

    To boost the development of new drugs in China and serve human health

  • Vision

    Innovation leads the future
    Innovative pharmaceutical enterprises rooted in China and with a global vision

  • Values

    Innovation and responsibility
    Integrity and overcoming difficulties   
    Preciseness and cooperation

Position development

XZenith is an innovative enterprise committed to scientific research. Through expanding our science and technology expertise to improve competitiveness, give full play to the personnel ability, effectively use their thinking idea, rich experience and insights, hope employees achieve personal development with their own efforts. XZenith attaches great importance to cultivating talents from within the company, providing practical career planning and development strategy for professional and technical talents and comprehensive talents with outstanding management ability.

The company provides employees with a reasonable, effective and competitive salary system and a sound welfare security system. To stimulate employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, promote common development , build a harmonious labor relationship, and realize benefit sharing.
After joining
Free physical examination/free lunch
Double pay/bounty/performance bonus/evaluation bonus
Go on a journey
Annual vacation,team construction
Medical treatment
Insurance,housing fund/paid sick leave
Housing accumulation fund,public rental housing application
Communication allowance/birthday party/holiday gift
Personnel training

Talent is the first resource of the enterprise, our goal is to cultivate first-class talents, develop first-class products, create first-class performance, in order to make the enterprise in an invincible position in the market competition, maintain a permanent life. The training has been fully prepared for us to deal with the current and future challenges, and has provided a guarantee for improving the comprehensive quality of our employees, giving full play to the competitive advantages of the enterprise, and realizing the healthy, good and sustainable development of the enterprise.


XZenith provides employees with a wide range of learning and growth opportunities, such as internal training, external training and on-the-job training, to improve their work skills, leadership and execution of corporate strategy. We have established extensive cooperation with well-known universities and regularly inviting experts to give lectures and answer questions for employees. In addition, we have conducted long-term cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University to jointly cultivate high-quality R & D talents to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for enterprises and universities.


We pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, keep pace with The Times, the right to create sophisticated research and development talents. Through academic exchanges and other forms, renowned scholars and experts bring employees the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge; the core team of the company is a PhD returnee with many years of experience in innovative drug research and development, personally leads the R & D team to work in the scientific research line, words and deeds, bring employees valuable practical experience.


Employee style
Adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy and fine tradition, to provide employees with a comfortable, beautiful, warm working environment, focus on the construction of corporate culture. Various forms of recreational activities, such as various competitions and fun games, have been held, so that employees can spread sweat and harvest happiness in the interaction, communication and cooperation.
2021 The housewarming celebration
Star & Birthday Party for Q3.2021