R & D

Nuclear magnetic (400Hz) and two LC-MS, ensure the rapid feedback and structural confirmation of synthesis results; microwave synthesis instrument, high medium low pressure preparation instrument, shorten the chemical reaction time and compound purification time, these equipment sideward improve the efficiency of compound synthesis and screening.

We have a rich experience of drug design and synthesis team, application time advanced technology in the field of drug research and development, the world-class project management concept, combined with the present situation of China and the world pharmaceutical market established a drug R&D system, to ensure that R&D for the market, strictly control the project risk, improve the efficiency of R&D, reduce R&D cost, shorten the R&D cycle.

The team is led by a senior expert in medicinal chemistry, and 17 subordinate employees with master's degree or above. Since 2018, three projects have received clinical approval and are the best compounds of their kind, belonging to best-in-class. At the same time, multiple projects have been screened for candidate compounds, laying the foundation for future IND applications.


Determination of the lead compounds

Study of the structure-activity relationship and screening of the active compounds

Determination of the candidate

Efficient design, synthesis and screening of clinical candidate compounds were obtained for the project to enrich the company's research and development pipeline.

The synthesis of the metabolites

Optimization of the compound structure

The synthesis of deuterated internal standard

Preliminary exploration of key compounds