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XZenith completed the B round of financing of more than 600 million RMB, accelerating the global layout of innovative drug business

Xuanzhu Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed the round B financing of more than 600 million RMB on December 31,2021. This financing is A new round of financing after the A round of strategic investment of 963 million RMB led by SDIC in August 2020. The introduction of two rounds of blockbuster strategic investors fully shows that the continuous innovation ability of XZenith and the forward-looking layout of Sihuan have been recognized by the capital market, and will accelerate XZenith to "become an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise rooted in China's global vision".


As the first spin-off of the innovative pharmaceutical subsidiary of Sihuan, XZenith will continue to increase the investment in the construction of the innovative drug R&D pipeline and the global layout, and continue to enhance the ability of independent innovation.


Dr. Che FengSheng, chairman and executive director of Sihuan, said:“We are very pleased to see the recognition of Sunshine Insurance Group and many well-known institutions on the strategic planning of Sihuan and the prospect of XZenith. Sihuan adheres to the two-wheel drive strategy of independent innovation research and development and incubation of high-growth new businesses, complies with the development trend of the industry, adheres to the innovation leading, and continues to increase the r & d investment, so as to realize the transformation development of Sihuan to innovation and create a new pattern of international pharmaceutical technology enterprises. Sihuan has been deeply engaged in the industry for 20 years, and its rich experience and industry resources will undoubtedly help XZenith transform from Biotech to BioPharma, and gradually become a company with the ability of R&D, industrialization and commercialization at the same time, and help XZenith to enter the capital market as soon as possible.”


Ms. Xu Yanjun, chairman of XZenith, said:“Thank you very much for this round of many professional investment institutions to XZenith team and R&D ability of recognition and full confidence. XZenith will continue to build a new drug R&D system based on independent originality, and gradually expand the comprehensive strength of overseas cooperation, industrialization and commercialization, and create a differentiated and sustainable pipeline combination of innovative drug products. The new investment will help Xuanzhu accelerate into an innovative pharmaceutical company rooted in China and  global vision.”